Care your Leather!

  • Jul 05, 2021
  • Product Care

LEATHER: Care and maintenance
Based on years of experience in handcrafting and handling these leather bags, we have compiled here a few guidelines for you to keep your beautiful leather ware in its best possible state and retain its stunning, antique look even after many years of usage.

The leather used in this bag is not treated with any chemical and is naturally sun dried. There is a possibility that you might find its smell a bit too much when its brand new. But there is no need to worry because the more often you put the bag to use; the quicker the smell will fade away.
You can apply baking powder on the inside of the bag and leave it for the entire night. This powder will take in any moisture hence help in reducing the unpleasant smell (this can however leave some temporary marks on the inside of the bag as traces of white powder might be left behind).
Alternatively, take a few drops of your favorite scented oil such as lavender, lemon, etc. on a tissue paper and gently smear on the inner and outer sections of the bag. This will give your bag an adorable scent immediately.
Handling a wet leather bag In case your bag gets wet, ensure it is completely dried up before next usage. You can leave it out in the sun if that’s a possibility or near a room radiator taking care not to allow any contact. Also consider squeezing in scrunched up newspaper into the bag and its pockets. This will make the bag dry faster and in shape.

Mending leather scratches
All TheDashami leather products are tough and remain in good condition for a long. A scratch here and there adds to their great classic/vintage look. However, if a scratch persists even after rubbing a few times with your finger, then consider applying sunflower, baby, vegetable or rapeseed oil on the affected portion using a cotton wool.

Restoring/Re-waterproofing a dry leather bag
Your leather satchel can at times dry up and may feel a bit rough when touched. This condition could be a result of the bag being wet a few times or frequent changes in humidity levels in the atmosphere. This means some natural oils have eroded off hence the need to substitute them. We coat all leather bags with two layers of sunflower oil which makes them water resistant. This also ensures that the leather remains nourished, soft and shiny.
If you want to nourish your leather satchel then just sponge it gently with vegetable, baby, rapeseed or sunflower oil until it develops a light layer. After that, leave the leather to dehydrate in a warm and aerated place such as an airing cupboard for a day. While drying up the leather color will become darker but will get lighter as the drying process continues. You can always do this whenever you feel that your leather satchel is dry and requires some special attention.
If you are not comfortable with applying oil to your bag we recommend using leather care products available in the market to treat your bag.

Take care of your merchandise!!